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        Lignite Drying And Upgrading Machine

        Capacity:  500-2400 t/d
        Power: 156-560 kw
        Application: suitable to drying lignite.
        • Processing customized:yes
        • Product brand:DINGLI
        • Specifications:DLHG4030
        • Capacity:2400t/h
        • Power:560kw
        • Material Moisture:30-60%
        • Warranty: 1 year
        • Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
        • Area:15m*55m

        Lignite is a kind of low-grade coal, which is formed by peat diagenetic formation of humic coal, it’s the lowest degree of coalification, always present brown, dark brown, dim or asphalt luster color, no cohesive. Its physical and chemical properties are between peat and bituminous coal. High water content, high volatile, low density, containing humic acid, oxygen content up to 15 ~ 30%, easy to fragmentation, spontaneous combustion in the air. According to China's coal classification standards, they are divided into two categories: light transmittance PM 30 ~ 50% of the old lignite and PM less than or equal to 30% of the young lignite. Chinese and Indonesian lignite are mostly old lignite.

        Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. engaged in coal, slime drying industry for many years, through the physical and chemical properties of lignite and lignite drying temperature, pressure, wind speed, oxygen content and other related parameters study,we established the lignite drying Machine test base in Inner Mongolia, after the company's technology research and development for a number of experimental demonstration, successfully developed lignite drying upgrading of lignite dryer equipment. Our lignite dryer can reduce the moisture content of lignite 25-60% to 15-30%, and the calorific value of treated coal can be increased by 30-40%. It is directly used as a substitute for bituminous coal or anthracite power plant use. The technology and equipment through the practice in Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Xinjiang and Indonesia, safe and stable, energy saving and environmental protection, with great market potential for a variety of lignite mining enterprises.

        lignite dryerlignite dryer

        1. The lignite dryer is horizontal placement, zero thrusts, no axial load. Effectively reducing the wheel, the ring taper wear, extend the bearing life, reduce the accident rate, improve the equipment driving rate, reducing maintenance costs.

        2. The material dispenser evenly throws the material to make the material more uniform and complete, fully heat and moisture exchange, the unit heat index is less than 800kcal / kg • H2O, so more energy efficient.

        3. The exhaust gas temperature is close to the dew point temperature, humidity near saturation, significantly reducing the consumption.

        4. For the surface of high-humidity materials, use middle temperature treatment, low-temperature structure water and chemical water is used low-temperature treatment, make full use of "hot" and "wet" potential of two substances as the driving force, that will not cause metal heat Deformation, but also save energy, make the equipment run more secure.

        5. Lignite dryer system using a new process and new technology, fully suitable for all kinds of lignite precipitation characteristics of the law, the operating temperature is lower than the ignition temperature, even without inert gas replacement, it will not cause a fire.

        6. An excellent energy-saving safety control system is fully guaranteed: ① temperature interlock control; ② adjustable capacity control; ③ precipitation capacity of the best state; ④ negative oxygen state operation; ⑤ system operation pressure interlock control.

        Model Capacity(T/D) Material Moisture(%) Final Moisture(%) Total Power(kw) Area(m2)
        DLHG2220 500 30-60 17-30 156 8*40
        DLHG2523 700 30-60 17-30 258 8*45
        DLHG2826 1000 30-60 17-30 320 10*50
        DLHG3428 1500 30-60 17-30 480 12*50
        DLHG4030 2400 30-60 17-30 560 15*55
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