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        Coconut & Palm Slag Rotary Dryer

        Capacity:  1.85-3.432 t/h
        Power: 78-135kw
        Application: suitable to drying coconut slags and palm fruit slags
        • Processing customized:yes
        • Product brand:DINGLI
        • Motor:7.5 kw motor
        • Capacity: 1.850-3.432 t/h
        • Power:78-135kw
        • Weight:18000kg
        • Warranty: 1 year
        • Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
        • Dimension:L22000 * W2300 *H 2500

        Coconut & Palm slag rotary dryers (patent number:ZL200920089749.2)are specifically designed and manufactured based on the property of coconut slags and palm fruit slags, which have the advantage of large capacity, high drying ability, high efficiency, easy operation, guaranteed quality, less footprint, etc. This product could save 30% to 50% energy compared with similar products, largely reducing the fuel consumption and operation cost. Our product can be customized according to the property of biomass materials, output requirement, the application requirements, cost control, automation level, site conditions, and other requirements. Coconut slag is the byproduct of the coir fiber industry. With strong water absorption capacity, good ventilation performance, pest resistance, and other characteristics, it has been widely used as the medium of mushrooms and flowers. Similarly, palm slag is the main byproduct of the palm fiber industry, which can be processed into biomass solid fuel.

        Materials flow:

        Crushed materials(55%-25% MC) are delivered to the drum for concurrent drying process through the belt conveyor. Wet materials are lifted and down by the internal flights and pushed through triple shells in a spiraling pattern, which realizes full heat exchange between cool materials and heated air. The dry materials could pass through the drum quickly under the air force. Wet materials would be dropped gradually and get fully dried to 5% to 15% moisture. The dry materials would be delivered out of the systems through a screw conveyor. Inside the drum, there is a vibration cleaning device, which could prevent the adhesion between materials and the drum surface.

        Air flow:

        Cool air is compressed into the furnace through blower and heated to300℃ to 550℃. Then the heated air taken into the drum by draught fan would exchange the heat with wet materials, absorb the moisture and get delivered out of the drum with the temperature reduction of 50℃ to 60℃. The exhaust gas will be dealt with cyclone dust collector and wet dust collector, which would eventually meet the exhaustion requirement. 

        1. PLC smart control & High automaticity. The performance of the rotary dryer and moisture content of dry materials is automatically controlled in stable states.

        2. High heat efficiency. The design of multiple circumferential flight combinations and flow rate adjustment devices ensure the control of drying period and temperature distribution. The effect of insulation is as high as 70% and raise heat efficiency by 20%.

        3. Four-wheel drive, more steady and stable.

        4. Save 50% space compared with traditional dryers and reduce 50% civil investment.

        5. Convenient variable frequency control systems. The customer could change the material flow rate and product moisture based on their needs.

        6. Environmental and safe. Modular configuration of dust collection and purification systems

        7. More choice for novel air furnace with high efficiency, convenient manipulation, and energy control, which could reduce 30% energy cost and 20% electric cost.

        Product Name Palm Shell Silk Drying Furnace
        Producer Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd 
        Motor 7.5 kw motor
        Chaff Cleaner Motor 2.2kw 2 set
        Circulation Fan 3kw 9 set
        Boiler Pump 22kw 1 set
        Heat-resistant Fan 7.5kw 1 set
        Gas Motor 3kw 1 set
        Total Motor Power 80kw
        Dimension(mm) L22000 * W2300 *H 2500
        Weight(kg) 18000
        Indian Coconut Coir Drying Production Line

        Coconut Coir Drying Plant

        Capacity : 12t/d

        add: India

        Sri Lanka Coconut Bran Drying Running Site

        Coconut Bran Drying Machine

        Capacity : 1.2 ton/h

        add: Sri Lanka

        Indian Coconut Fiber Drying Production Line

        Coconut Fiber Drying Line

        Capacity : 16t/day

        add: India

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