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        Spin Flash Dryer

        Capacity:  12-1500 kg/h
        Power: 100-230 kw
        Application: Suitable for drying soy protein, gelatinized starch, lauric acid, benzoic acid, indigo pigment, calcium carbonate, hydroxide,etc.
        • Processing customized:yes
        • Product brand:DINGLI
        • Specifications:XSG-20
        • Capacity:1500kg/h
        • Power:230kw
        • Height:10.1m
        • Warranty: 1 year
        • Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
        • Plant Area :150m²

         The flash dryer is widely used in the dispersion and drying of granular, powdery, paste-like and filter cake-like false agglomerates in the chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, food, feed and other industries. The  flash dryer has the advantages of small occupied area, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency and continuous mass production. The flash dryer body is provided with a rotary cutting device, and the dry material is subjected to shearing, rotating, collision, friction, etc., so that the material is pulverized and refined, and is highly dispersed, thereby achieving the effect of efficiently and rapidly evaporating water. The dryer is equipped with an air filter to achieve the cleanliness of the hot air and to provide production conditions for the hygiene requirements of the food industry. The machine sets the cyclone separation and collecting materials. In addition, the bag dust removal receipt is added to increase the material recovery rate。 It can  improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. The dryer can be customized according to user needs.

        working principlespin flash dryer

        1. Organic combination of swirling, fluidizing, spraying and pulverizing and grading techniques.

        2. Compact equipment, small size, high production efficiency, continuous production, and realize "small equipment, large production".

        3. Large drying strength, low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency.

        4. The material has short residence time and good finished product quality, which can be used for drying heat sensitive materials.

        5. Negative pressure or micro-negative pressure operation, good air tightness, high efficiency and elimination of environmental pollution.

        Model Inner diameter(mm) Air volume(m3/h) Evaporation Capacity (kg/h) Total Power(kw) Max height(m) Plant Area (m²)
        XSG-2 200 350-500 12-17 10 4 15
        XSG-4 400 1150-2000 40-70 20 4.8 20
        XSG-6 600 2450-4500 80-150 40 5.8 28
        XSG-8 800 4450-7550 150-250 65 6.5 35
        XSG-10 1000 7000-12500 230-425 85 7.1 40
        XSG-12 1200 10000-20000 300-600 105 7.8 52
        XSG-16 1600 18000-36000 600-1000 150 8.8 80
        XSG-20 2000 28200-56500 1000-1500 230 10.1 150
        Pingdingshan flash drying project

        Pingdingshan flash drying project

        Capacity : 40t/d

        add: Pingdingshan China

        Yunnan potato residue drying production line

        Yunnan potato residue drying production line

        Capacity : 80t/d

        add: Yunnan China

         Vietnam cassava slag dryer production line

        Vietnam cassava slag dryer production line

        Capacity : 100t/d

        add: Vietnam

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