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        Beer Yeast Dryer

        Capacity:  30-120 kg/ hour
        Power: 6.97-17.7 kw
        Application: suitable to drying yeast

        JHD series yeast rotary dryer is one king of single shell dryer that can be used in the drying process of a variety of slurries, especially suitable for the recycling of brewers yeast. We have yeast dryer products of different configurations to meet the demand of the annual output from fifty thousand tons to three hundred thousand tons. This machine is suitable for the drying process of food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

        beer yeast dryer

        Our brewers' yeast dryer product takes advantage of heat conduction between hot steam and wet materials, realizing the indirect drying process. The drum is a hollow metal cylinder whose surface is deeply processed to be clean and polished. The drum rotates to the axial under drive devices (gear drive) at an adjustable rate. The slurry is preheated to 0℃ in the preheating tank and then delivered to feeding chute through the pump.

        High performance price ratio

        Special design according to the thermos sensitivity of brewer’s yeast. Mother solution is dried directly, making sure the collection effect of single-celled budding yeast.


        Energy conservation

        The design of heat conduction could largely reduce the heat loss from heat media, raising the heat efficiency to 70% and lowering the energy cost.


        Better quality

        Drum is made of high-quality cast iron, which is deeply processed and polished and have the advantage of corrosion prevention and non-pollution.


        Widely used

        High efficiency; Applicable for viscous gruel, slurry material, continuous operation, and large-scale production. 

        Model JHD1500×2000 JHD1500×2350 JHD2000×2500 JHD2000×3000 JHD2500×3000
        Capacity (kg/h) 30-40 40-60 50-80 70-100 90-120
        Drum Size (mm) Φ1500×2000 Φ1500×2350 Φ2000×2500 Φ2000×3000 Φ2500×3000
        Drum Rotation Rate( r/min) 4-8 4-8 4-8 4-8 4-8
        Steam Working Pressure (Mpa) ≤0.3 ≤0.3 ≤0.3 ≤0.3 ≤0.3
        Total Power (kw) 6.97 9.37 13.7 17.7 17.7
        Steam Consumption (kg/h) 240-280 282-330 400-468 480-560 600-700
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        Capacity : 30kg/h

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