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        Fermented Soybean Meal Drying Production Line

        Capacity:  1.53-12.14t/h
        Power: 34-155 kw
        Application: suitable to drying fermented soybean meal, soybean meal, brewery, vinass, Corn husk...
        • Processing customized:yes
        • Product brand:DINGLI
        • Specifications:DLSG2912/3
        • Capacity:12.14t/h
        • Power:155kw
        • Weight:76000kg
        • Warranty: 1 year
        • Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
        • Plant Area :10m*24m

        Soybean meal is a byproduct from the process of soybean oil extraction, which is mainly composed of protein (40% ~ 44%), fat (1% ~ 2%), carbohydrate (10% ~ 15%), and a variety of minerals, vitamins, and essential amino acids. Its nutrition is relatively comprehensive and balanced. Besides, soybean meal also contains soy isoflavones, phospholipids, and other bioactive substances, which is the most widely used plant-based protein resources. However, there are many kinds of antinutritional factors in soybean meal (trypsin inhibitors, soybean protein antigen, urease, phytic acid, etc.). On one hand, their existence has an inhibition effect on certain digestive enzyme when they are combined with some nutrient component and forms the production that is difficult to digest and absorb. On the other hand, some of them can cause organ damage to animals and leave a bad influence on health and growth. Fermented soybean meal, also known as the microorganism fermented soybean meal the produced under controlled conditions, making use of microbial growth, reproduction and metabolism and the accumulation of useful enzyme and intermediate metabolites of bacteria. Through the microbial fermentation, the fermented soybean meal contains little antinutritional factors and is rich in small molecule soybean peptide, amino acids, enzymes, vitamin and bioactive factors, which has good palatability. It can be applied to piglets feeding, poultry feeding, and aquaculture. It is ideal for alternatives to the fish meal with huge market potential and economic value.

        working principleworking progress

        Fermented soybean meal production process: Fermented soybean meal often adopts the method of solid fermentation, adding a certain amount of water, the mixture of soybean meal and wheat bran (100:6) and the combination of Aspergillus oryzae and yeast(1:3). The fermentation time is 72 hours. With our paddle rotary drying equipment, the fermented soybean meal is dried to 12% moisture content instantly at low temperature and then crushed to 30-80 mesh. After being cooled to normal temperature, the whole process ends with the packing of eventual products.

        Material flow: material with 50-65% moisture by the screw conveyor into the mixing drum dryer to realize the downstream drying, material constantly be lifted, scattered and put forward with screw type, the material and heat fully exchange heat, the moisture rapidly be evaporated and vaporized, the material which achieves the effect of drying will quickly be discharged from the roller under the hot air.

        High performance price ratio

        Compared with single drum dryer, it reduces floor space by 50%, decreases civil engineering investments by 50%.


        Energy conservation

        Dryer internal structure using a variety of high-lift board combination mode, effectively regulate the drying process and heat distribution, high heat utilization, exhaust gas discharge temperature is low.


        Better quality

        Rapid drying moisture reducing from 35-45% to 15% in one-time. Material temperature is always lower than 50 ℃, dried products completely retained the nutrients of fresh pasture, bright color, smell fragrance.


        Low cost

        Supporting a variety of new energy-saving clean hot air blast stove, fuel can be diesel, gas, coal, wood, wood chips, straw, etc. And efficient energy, heating controllable, simple operation, energy consumption decreased by as much as 30%, power consumption reduced by 20%, the operating cost is lower.

        Model DLSG1409 DLSG1615 DLSG2008/3 DLSG2010/3 DLSG2210/3 DLSG2510/3 DLSG2512/3 DLSG2912/3
        Input (t/h) 1.53 2.89 5.2 6.63 7.24 8.91 10.5 12.14
        Output (t/h)) 1.08 2.03 3.67 4.68 5.11 6.29 7.41 8.57
        Evaporation Capacity (t/h) 0.45 0.85 1.53 1.95 2.13 2.62 3.09 3.57
        Initial Moisture (%) 40±5
        Final Moisture (%) 15% (Adjustable)
        Drying Temperature (℃) 280±30
        Total Power (kw) 34 45 78 90 105 125 140 155
        Total Weight (kg) 22000 28000 40000 45000 50000 60000 68000 76000
        Plant Area (m2) 5m*15m 6m*22m 8m*16m 8m*18m 8m*20m 10m*20m 10m*24m 10m*24m
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