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        Welcome to my company's official website!    hot-line:86-0371-56739888

        UNIFIED-HOT-LINE: 86-156-7062-6070

        首頁 > Case > Shenmu Slime Drying Site

        Shenmu Slime Drying Site

           Capacity:200t/d     Add: Shanxi Shenmu     Floor areas:6m*18m

        In this project, we provide slime drying equipment that meets the customer's production needs. At the same time, we have equipped production lines such as heat sources and dust removal according to local environmental protection requirements. After the project is officially put into production, our company will continue to provide follow-up services to customers for customers to enjoy one-stop service for slime drying projects.

        We are committed to providing high quality and high quality drying solutions for enterprises / individuals,Welcome to submit requirements,Find our design custom!


        Xinjiang Hami Coal Drying Equipment Site

        Coal Drying Equipment

        Capacity: 1500t/d

        add: Hami China

        Xintai Steam Type Slime Drying Site

        Steam Type Slime Dryer

        Capacity: 50t/d

        add: Xintai

        Datong Coal Slime Drying Site

        Coal Slime Drying Site

        Capacity: 100t/d

        add: Datong China

        Shanxi Shouyang Slime Drying Site

        Shouyang Slime Drying Site

        Capacity: 100t/d

        add: Shouyang China

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